"All About the Haves and the Have-Nots" Recap and Pictures Live!

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Last night's episode introduced us to Arthur (John Allen Nelson), Megan's father and the girls actually did some.. gasp... charity work!  Overall all it was a pretty good episode.  We had plenty of drama (of course since Lily was involved!) and even some witty quotes we'll be putting up later today.

Arthur and Will

If you weren't able to watch or just want a refresher, please read our "All About the Haves and the Have-Nots" recap.  Click on any of the following thumbnails to enlarge.

Megan and Her Father
Sage, Rose and Megan at Dinner
Megan at Dinner
Marco and Arthur Bond
Megan Cuts into Some Steak
Will and Lily at the Party

If that's not enough we have even more pictures in our episode gallery.

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Privileged Quotes

Boss [about Megan's hair]: It's just so bright
Megan: Everyone loves Lucille Ball but no one does anything about it.
Boss: This isn't about the hair, though it is really distracting...

Hey lady, i can see your va-jay-jay!

Random kid