Megan and Her Father
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When Megan tells the girls GPA is not enough to get into Duke, she arranges for the girls to work for a charity that provides prom dresses to unver-privileged girls.  Megan, Rose and Sage head to a local public school to pick up the dresses and are told they will need to alter them for the unver-privileged girls' sizes.  On their way out, Megan makes eye contact with a man who dashes... her dad!

The next day, Megan goes to see her dad at the dock and she finds out her dad is a changed man and now 18 months sober.  She invites him to dinner at the house that night.  Apparently her dad invites Lily because she soon calls Megan.  The girls are at home tearing up the dresses trying to make their own designs for the girls.  Megan heads over to Charlie's and invites him and he says he's not sure if he can make it but he'll try.

Lily shows up to the dinner party and brings uninvited Will as her date.  Rose and Sage decide they're joining.  Then the dad shows up and they sit down for dinner but try and wait for Charlie, who never shows up, to start.  They have a talk about Megan and Lily as little girls but when their mom comes up thing get awkward.  Things get even worse when Sage notices Rose's bracelet on Lily!  She wore the bracelet she stole to the dinner!!  Lily goes to leave and Will chases after her and she eventually admits to "borrowing" it.  Lily ends it with Wil.

Megan says goodbye to Will who apologizes to her for interfering.  Megan then tries to have dessert with her father but he wants to leave.  She finds out that Charlie told Arthur before and he's known she's been down the whole itme.  Ouch. 

The girls show up at the school the next day with six brand new dresses.  The volunteer lady tries to tell them they didn't understand hte purpose. They counter by telling her the old dresses were hideous and these girls deserve to feel beautiful.  Nice!  They bought 6 brand new dresses from Neiman Marcus for a little community service hours.  I wish I as rich.

Megan goes to visit Charlie and she's angry at him for both ditching and telling her dad.  Charlie, why have you changed?  Blah blah.  Why don't you ralize he likes you?  She doesn't want to be friends with him if he's gonna be a dick.  Megan comes home and finds her dad there waiting.  He said he brought Lily because he was nervous about being alone with Megan.  He needed to take pressure off.  He's going to try to be the best dad he can.

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Privileged Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Megan: Good morning ladies!
Sage: Okay that "first thing in the morning chipper voice" you do has to stop

Megan: I hooked you up with an organization called "Once Upon a Dress." They provide donated dresses to high school girls who can't afford them for prom and home homecoming
Sage: So they wear used dresses? I'd sooner borrow someone's tooth brush