Face-Off: Will You Watch Stylista?

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Reality TV Scoop dot com is proud to present Face-Off, in which our staff focuses on a different question regarding your favorite reality TV stars and shows - in this case, it's a new show that's piqued our interest as our editors debate ...


YES by Probst Fan

I Love Money. Hogan Knows Best. Rock of Love Girls: Charm School.

Considering the filth on reality TV these days, Stylista is a welcome change. I'll take whining, aspiring fashion gurus any day over lonely, attention-starved skanks.

At least the contestants on Stylista are competing for something real (a job at a respected magazine, Elle), as opposed to something faker than a staged Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt photo (the "love" of stars such as Tiffany Pollard and Bret Michaels).

Critics are comparing this series to a combination of America's Next Top Model and The Apprentice. Those are only two of the most successful reality shows of all-time.

It may be too early to tell if Anne Slowey is on the same, iconic level as Donald Trump and Tyra Banks. But I'm excited to watch and find out.

It beats the heck out of someone proving her feelings for Tila Tequila by eating a pig's vagina.

NO by LC Lover

Thanks, but no thanks - turns out I already watch this show. It's called America's Next Top Model. Or Project Runway. One of those two!

Seriously folks. Is there not a single original idea left in the reality TV universe (Editor's Note: we have a bunch here)? Give me a break.

For those who are unaware, on Stylista, contestants will be judged on their personal style, how well they complete crucial challenges (such as delivering breakfast to star Anne Slowey) and the pages they create for Elle magazine.

Yawn. I realize people love their fashion and style, but is this supposed to be captivating? And don't the two aforementioned hits cover it?

Just look at the cast members below. First off, they are almost entirely clothed. Second of all, the look like total losers! Who's idea was this?!

Come on, CW. Either go the VH1 route - throw everything and everyone against the wall and see what slut sticks - or go back to the drawing board.

Stylista Poster

The CW is betting big on Stylista. But will you be watching?

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