Matt Grant: Dating Sarah Robarts!

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Matt Grant, the reigning star of The Bachelor, has fallen in love again — this time for his British-born public relations representative, Sarah Robarts.

He says a business relationship with Sarah Robarts, 39, eventually evolved into an emotional bond: “It’s the best relationship I have ever been in. I’m completely in love. She’s beautiful inside and out. She’s one in a million.”

She's at least 10 times better than that annoying skank Shayne Lamas. And we don't even know Sarah Robarts! That tells you all you need to know about Shayne Lamas. In any case, we're happy Matt has moved on with her.

Sarah Robarts
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Having ditched Shayne Lamas, Matt Grant is now in love with Sarah Robarts.

Matt Grant and Shayne Lamas split in July. He and Sarah Robarts soon started dating.

“We connected on every level,” he says. “If she were on The Bachelor, there would not have been a competition. It would’ve been the shortest season ever.”

Oh, snap, Shayne Lamas! You just got served by Matt Grant on that one. And this quote - about his and Robarts' 11-year age difference - isn't much better:

“Sarah is very much on my level. The only thing is I’ve had to raise my game up since The Bachelor. She’s too intelligent for the talk I used on the show.”

Wow. Matt Grant, you are officially our hero.

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