Music from "All About Appearances"

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Last night there was some great music featured on "All About Appearances."  The music selection was very eclectic, especially some of the music inspired by Precious' Bollywood career.  We've done our best to document all songs played during the episode and gather lyrics and links to the songs in iTunes whenever possible.  Here's some of the music featured in last night's episode:

For a breakdown of when each song played, check out our "All About Appearances" music section.  If we're missing any songs from the episode, please let us know and we'll add them.  Thanks guys!

The Baker Twins In White

We're trying our best to have the most completed Privileged music section of any fan site!

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Privileged Quotes

Boss [about Megan's hair]: It's just so bright
Megan: Everyone loves Lucille Ball but no one does anything about it.
Boss: This isn't about the hair, though it is really distracting...

Hey lady, i can see your va-jay-jay!

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