Entoruage Quotes from "Play'n With Fire"

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Sunday's episode of Entourage "Play'n With Fire" may have been a lull for all the characters except Turtle, but sometimes that makes room for the best quotes.  Whether it was Ari squaring off Verner or Dana hoping into the mix, there was a whole lot of fun arguing.  Here's some of our favorite quotes from "Play'n With Fire."

Turtle [to Jamie Lynn Sigler]: I got nowhere to go, Jaime. In fact, I'll move in if you want me to! | permalink
Ari: Relax, it's all gonna be alright.
Vince: Why?
Ari: Because the Jew has arrived, and he doesn't like Germans! | permalink
Ari: Dana owes me.
Eric: You really think she would let you replace the director?
Ari: After what I did for her, she would let us double penetrate her if we wanted to! | permalink
Dana [screaming at Verner]: Get your ass back here. I hired you and you have movie to finish for which your getting a lot of money to do, and that is exactly what is going to f**king happen. Do You Understand me?
Ari: I do! Anyone else turned on right now? | permalink
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Entourage Quotes

Mean is when I made Jess Mancini ride her bike home after I ass fucked her


Mrs. Gold: You eat at The Palm four nights a week!
Ari: Do I ever order the lobster? No, I order the Gigi salad and I sign clients

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