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Entourage tied things up pretty well for Turtle and Drama. Their careers have never been hotter.

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Entourage Season 8 Episode 8: "The End"
Johnny "Drama" Chase, Turtle
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Entourage Season 8 Episode 8 Quotes

Vince: Now let's see you top that news.
Turtle, Billy and Drama: Sloan's pregnant.

Vince: I think I'm getting married.
Turtle: What?
Billy: Come on, Vince.
Vince: I'm serious, I'm actually in love with this woman.
Drama: What was the sex that good?
Vince: Yes, but that's not it.
Turtle: It's either that or you're back on drugs.
Vince: I'm clearer than I've ever been.
Drama: Well did you drug her?