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We got our hands on some gorgeous photos of Robert Buckley shirtless in various pairs of boxers and briefs for a photo shoot he did for DNR magazine.  Alright, ladies, brace yourself, because Robert also answered a few important questions for the magazine.

Robert Buckley on DNR Cover

So how does the young stud feel about being shirtless all the time on Lipstick?
"It’s flattering, and it makes me laugh. I’ll take being objectified over doing PowerPoint presentations any day."

On his job as an economic consultant before acting:
"I wanted to jump ship on the second day, but I stuck with it for a year and a half. Then I met a woman at a wedding who randomly told me I should pursue acting or modeling. So I did, and a month later I had my first commercial. I’m so happy to be doing what I’m doing. Even on my worst day, it beats the cubicle. That job gave me great perspective."

On just how little he knew about fashion prior to his fame:
“I didn’t realize until I was on the red carpet for the series premiere—when I was bombarded with fashion questions—that I knew nothing about fashion. It’s been a steep learning curve, but I do actually enjoy it. In California we have no seasons. Here, all of a sudden, I get to wear winter clothes, and I’m on a show where fashion is a huge component. So I get to experience the gamut of fashion"

And the important one... in a world full of tight jeans demanding briefs... boxers or briefs?
“But boxers are so comfortable for lounging. I’m a big lounger. It’s fun getting dressed up for events, but given my druthers, I’m home with a movie and some friends and some takeout.”

And now the rest of the pictures from the shoot (click to expand):

Robert Buckley in Boxers
Robert Buckley in Plaid Boxers
Robert BUckley in Blue Briefs
Robert Buckley in Red Briefs

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