Chuck Spoilers: Anna and The Dark Intersect

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If any other Chuck fans have been missing Morgan's girlfriend, Anna Wu, as much as us, they should be delighted to hear that she'll be back in a huge way next week during "Chuck Versus the Delorean."  According to our sources, Anna wants to move into an apartment with Morgan.

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In other news, Ausiello of EW spoke to Josh Schwartz about the upcoming episode "Chuck versus The Suburbs" featuring a Dark Intersect.  According to Schwartz, "The Dark Intersect is the first sign that the bad guys (read: FULCRUM) are figuring out that if they can't find the Intersect, why not rebuild it -- which makes Chuck even more valuable. And yes, it is a trilogy."

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Chuck Quotes

Casey: Just got a hit of a traffic camera in Hollywood. [shows Chuck picture]
Chuck: That's Fleming.
Casey: Thanks. You've just saved me a lot of investigative work there, intersect. DMV told me that.
Chuck: Wow, sarcasm. What a surprise

Tyler: Chuck, we got a problem. These girls want to take us upstairs and do despicable things to us.
Chuck: Tyler, Tyler that's not such a great idea.
Tyler: All the best nights of my life have begun with that very sentence.

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