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We're introduced to Sarah's father (guest star Gary Cole) who turns out to be a con man who's in town after pulling the biggest con yet.. he sold a building he didn't own to a rich Arab sheik and has already taken one million as a finder's fee.

When Sarah tells the boss and offers to take him in, she's assigned to find the Sheik's account number the CIA has been after.  They're assigned to team up with Sarah's father to continue the con and try and get a larger deposit out of him in order to get an account number.

After a dinner between Chuck and Sarah went well, Sarah's father is convinced he can trust Chuck.  Casey?  Not so much.  He calls him cop face.   They go through an elaborate plan that includes redecorating an office in the building and Chuck using the worst German accent ever.  They make off with the money, however, the backstabbing father runs off with the full ten million instead of sharing it.  Unfortunately since he took the laptop, they don't even have the routing number for the CIA.

When Sarah's father is kidnapped, it turns out he gave the money to Chuck's account and wasn't keeping it for himself.  Chuck rushes to save the day and agrees to give back the 10 million to save her father.  He gets the account number in the process.  However, when the Sheik plans on killing everyone, Casey steps up pretending to be with the US Treasury and is here to arrest the conman and a shootout ensues with the Sheik making the escape in the Delorean (more on that below).  Sarah then lets her father go, despite the CIA think she's turning him in. 

The sideplot of this episode was Anna Wu asking Morgan to move in with her.  He borrows the money from Awesome in order to cover the initial costs on getting an apartment.  However, when a Delorean shows up at the Buy More for a stereo install, he insteads uses the money to buy that.  When it gets stolen by the Sheik at the end, he gets a cool $10,000 in insurance money.  However, it's alluded that he blows that money on a General Lee type car.  Sorry Wu.

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Chuck Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Casey: It's not a mission, moron, she's taken a personal day.
Chuck: I didn't realize we got a personal day.
Casey: Well, you don't. We do.

Cop-face, you are going to use the gift god gave you, your cop face.

Jack Burton