CSI Spoilers: Who is Raymond Langston?

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As previously announced - and shown! - Laurence Fishburne debuts as Dr. Raymond Langston on the December 11 episode of CSI.

Thanks to E! Online, we've uncovered more facts about this new character:

  • He's a pathologist-turned-professor;
  • In the upcoming episode, Grissom announces his retirement;
  • Langston is then introduced in a classroom setting, as Grissom's current investigation and Langston's lesson plan - interviewing a serial killer as an academic exercise - cross paths;
  • The killer Langston was speaking to starts spilling secrets about a series of recent homicides taking place in the city;
  • While Langston doesn't join the team in this episode, the foundation is in place.
Laurence Fishburne, CSI

Laurence Fishburne joins the cast of CSI is a little over a week.

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