Cupid Creator Speaks on Series Remake

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A new take on 1998's short-lived Cupid comes from the executive producer of the original series, Rob Thomas.

In the original, Jeremy Piven and Paula Marshall portrayed the lead characters, roles now inherited by Bobby Cannvale and Sarah Paulson in the new series, which debuts on March 24.

Bobby Cannvale, Cupid

Why bring back the show?

"My decision to want to do this show again for ABC has less to do with how can we change this show because it was unsuccessful the last time," Thomas said.

"Ten years ago when we did this show ABC did not know what they wanted to be. We were on Saturday at 10 and weekly had our ass handed to us by Chuck Norris [in 'Walker, Texas Ranger']. A show about being single and 30 on Saturday at 10? This is a better time for romantic comedy, a better time to be on ABC. ... It feels like they have a lot of shows we would work well with."

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