Dollhouse Spoilers, Points from Series Premiere

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The concept behind Dollhouse is well-known to any viewer planning to tune in to this upcoming Fox drama:

Let by Echo (Eliza Dushku), individuals have their memories erased and are used as spies/agents in a series of undercover missions.

Having seen the series premiere, airing on February 13, we can reports a few facts fans will uncover during the opening hour:

  • People exorbitant fees to the Actives employed by the Dollhouse.
  • The Dollhouse performs thorough background checks on all clients.
Dollhouse Danger
  • When on a mission, each Active receive a “personality imprint” that provides him/her with typical memories.
  • During missions, Actives are monitored internally (and remotely) by Handlers.
    • The Dollhouse serves as a home base when Actives are not in the field. They live, eat, sleep, shower, learn and train together there.
      • The Actives, at one point, volunteered for the work in the Dollhouse; they gave up five years of their lives in order to receive a large sum of money - along no memory of anything they did for the Dollhouse - at the conclusion of their service.

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