Jason Mesnick Has Found The One!

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Is it Melissa Rycroft?

Is it Molly Malaney?

Jason Mesnick won't reveal who he chooses to be his wife on next week's finale of The Bachelor. But he has told People Magazine that he's very happy with the selection:

Have you found The One?
I have found the one. I am in love, without a doubt. I do see her as the one I want to marry and spend the rest of my life with. Everyone has been through ups and down in their life, and there are no guarantees when talking about love. I am living proof. I got married before and thought I’d be with her until death do us part, but we all know how that worked out. That said, I am very much in love and very hopeful.

Molly Malaney Picture
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Are you on Team Molly or Team Melissa?

Why does DeAnna Pappas appear in the finale?
Well I can’t tell you that, of course. Fans will have to wait and see. I was really surprised when she showed up in New Zealand. It would have been one thing if I was hanging out in Atlanta, but she had to go across an ocean to get to me. I had just heard a couple of weeks before that she and Jesse had broken up and that surprised me.

What do you see in the remaining two women?
Melissa is really that ultimate woman that is going to stand by your side forever. She’s fun. She’s beautiful and exciting and willing to try new things.

Molly is the balance of a lot of different things. We have a great friendship going. There’s passion there. She’s got her eyes wide open to the world. They are both amazing — to use my favorite word — which made for a very, very tough decision.

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