Julianne Hough on Boyfriend, Dancing with the Stars Return

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Thank you, Chuck Wicks!

While we still hate you for dating Julianne Hough, at least your presence on season eight of Dancing with the Stars has brought this beauty back to our living room.

Hough initially said she would sit out a season of the show, but she has updated her MySpace celebrity blog to explain why she has come back.

“It was a last minute deal. I was set on taking this season off and then last minute the show asked me to do it because they had asked Chuck to do it and they thought it would be cool if we danced together," the gorgeous professional wrote.

“At first I still said no because I wanted to focus on my music,” she added, “BUT then I thought about it for a day and figured this out. I can still write, go on tour and work on Julianne Hough the country singer because Chuck will be my partner and that will be a huge luxury.”

Chuck Wicks and Julianne Hough

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