The Office Spoilers: Corporate Shakeup

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Last month, news Idris Elba joining The Office cast for six episodes broke and we learned The Wire star will play a character who will cause Michael Scott a lot of trouble.

Promoted to Jan's old job at corporate - despite Michael's insistence that the position is his - the new boss will usher in an era of discomfort at good ol' Dunder-Mifflin.

Word on the street is Elba's character isn't just causing that drama in New York. On the contrary, he's moving in on Scranton. Is there a hostile takeover in the works?

Remember when Dwight Schrute abandoned Dunder-Mifflin to go work at Staples? What's coming up will be like that, except way bigger. Michael might even have a Jerry Maguire moment on his way out, and one loyal (and pretty major) employee may follow him through the door.

How will the new star ruffle Michael's feathers? How long will Michael leave for, and who will follow? Who knows, but we can guarantee a lot of hilarious Office quotes when it plays out.

Idris Elba

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The Office Quotes

Dwight: What is my perfect crime? I break into Tiffany's at midnight. Do I go for the vault? No, I go for the chandelier. It's priceless. As I'm taking it down, a woman catches me. She tells me to stop. It's her father's business. She's Tiffany. I say no. We make love all night. In the morning the cops come and I escape in one of their uniforms. I tell her to meet me in Mexico but I go to Canada. I don't trust her. Besides, I like the cold. Thirty years later, I get a postcard. I have a son and he's the chief of police. This is where the story gets interesting: I tell Tiffany to meet me in Paris, by the Trocadero. She's been waiting for me all these years; she's never taken another lover. I don't care, I don't show up. I go to Berlin. That's where I stashed the chandelier.

Guess what, I have flaws. What are they? Oh, I don't know. I sing in the shower. Sometimes I spend too much time volunteering. Occasionally I'll hit somebody with my car. So sue me... No, don't sue me. That is the opposite of the point that I'm trying to make.