30 Rock Quotes: "Goodbye, My Friend"

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On last Thursday's 30 Rock, Jenna faked injuries to get attention on her birthday, Liz Lemon mentored pregnant donut girl Becca, and Jack and Frank did some male bonding.

All in all, "Goodbye, My Friend" gave us some of the ridiculous story lines and classic, nonsensical one-liners we have come to expect from this unparalleled program.

Below is a sampling of the best lines from "Goodbye, My Friend." Prepare to laugh - and check out our library of 30 Rock quotes from all three seasons of the show!

Guys Night In
Jack: I guess we both lost children today.
Liz: Yeah, but mine was real. Yours was ... Frank. | permalink
Becca: I can't believe you don't have kids - you'd make such a great mom. You're smart, you're successful, you're grounded...
Liz: Aww, go on.
Becca: You already dress like a mom.
Liz: Aaaaand, stop. | permalink
Frank: In Sicilian, [Rossitano] means 'well poisoner.'
Jack: In Gaelic, Donaghy means 'dung basket.' | permalink
Pete: [to Liz] Donuts and bed? What are you depressed about, or celebrating? | permalink
Tracy: [on birthdays] I don't need it. I buy myself all the presents I need. And because of my drinking, I'm often surprised. | permalink
Liz: [to Tim] Nut up right now, get a job and help raise that kid. | permalink
Jack: [on his dad] He'd show up every now and then to impregnate my mother and punch out the umpires in Little League. | permalink

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30 Rock Quotes

Liz: Have you ever updated your Flash player? It is so sad. What happens to version 11.4?
Jack: Oh, what now?
Liz, yelling: I'm taking hormone shots to have a baby you son of a bitch!

Jack: You should get to know Devon, tell him all of your television ideas. You know he started off as page just like you.
Kenneth: Really? So did I!