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Recently, The LA Times was lucky enough to sit down with the principal cast of Big Love: Bill Paxton and the three lovely ladies that play his wives.  Here's an excerpt of our favorite questions from an amazing interview:

LA Times: What about your characters are you still wondering about?
Tripplehorn: A lot. No, I still don't understand my character. You hear a lot about people who've done a series over a long period of time, and the writing and the actual acting kind of blur because the actors know their characters so well. I haven't personally felt that.

LA Times: Do you mean because Barb is so conventional, so why would she --
Tripplehorn: She's not conventional, really. I mean, yes, she is, but she's just really conflicted. And then sometimes she's accepting of situations that I would have thought were established that Barb wouldn't like.
Goodwin [to Tripplehorn]: Most of my questions are about your character. I understand why Nicki is here, I understand why Margie is here. I understand exactly what it is Bill is up to. But as a viewer, I have trouble wrapping my brain around your decision.
Sevigny: Toward the end of the season, it gets hard for me, because my character is so --
Goodwin: Manipulative.
Sevigny: It's just that Nicki has so few kind moments or tender moments, and she's always doing something --

Bill and His Wives

LA Times: I feel like Nicki is an incredibly sympathetic character and really funny.
Sevigny: But people don't see her that way!

LA Times: Is that still true?
Tripplehorn: I find her to be very sympathetic.
Paxton [to Sevigny]: I think the way they keep revealing the things you went through, you can't help but get why she is the way she is. I like her resilience.
Tripplehorn: She's damaged.
Goodwin: Give her a break.

You can read the rest of the interview at The LA Times.

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Big Love Quotes

Sarah: Why can't we just hire a babysitter like everyone else?
Barb: Because we're not everyone else

Margene: Does that mean you miss me more?
Bill: Officially... I miss you guys all the same.