11 Worst Series Finales in TV History: Going Out With a Whimper

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Some shows go out on a high note, closing the book on their sagas with an epic final chapter that not only ties up loose ends, but leaves fans generally satisfied.

Then there are these shows, whose finales range from bad to beyond bad.

You can't please everyone, of course, but it feels like a number of high-profile shows have gone out on a less than stellar note within the past season or two.

True Blood limped to the finish line with a painful, insulting finale last summer. How I Met Your Mother left fans scratching their heads. Dexter was just ... ugh.

Even FX's acclaimed, wildly popular Sons of Anarchy disappointed many viewers with a series finale that was rather drawn out and telegraphed at best.

What other comedies and dramas can compete against these lackluster conclusions for the undesirable title of Worst Series Finales in TV history?

We know, it's all in the eye of the beholder ... but watching how bad some of these finales were was truly a sight to behold, in our minds. What about yours?

Did we leave any series out? Did we give any of these finales a bad rap? And, of course, which is the worst of the worst in your mind as a TV viewer?

Scroll through the gallery above, then hit the comments to let us know!

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Sons of Anarchy Quotes

Something happens at around 92 miles an hour - thunder-headers drown out all sound, engine vibrations travels at a heart's rate, field of vision funnels into the immediate and suddenly you're not on the road, you're in it. A part of it. Traffic, scenery, cops - just cardboard cutouts blowing over as you past. Sometimes I forget the rush of that. That's why I love these long runs. All your problems, all the noise, gone. Nothing else to worry about except what's right in front of you. Maybe that's the lesson for me today, to hold on to these simple moments. Appreciate them a little more - there's not many of them left. I don't ever want that for you. Finding things that make you happy shouldn't be so hard. I know you'll face pain, suffering, hard choices, but you can't let the weight of it choke the joy out of your life. No matter what, you have to find the things that love you. Run to them. There's an old saying, 'That what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger' I don't believe that. I think the things that try to kill you make you angry and sad. Strength comes from the good things - your family, your friends, the satisfaction of hard work. Those are the things that'll keep you whole. Those are the things to hold on to when you're broken.


Jax: Some days you're the Beamer, some days you're the goddamn deer.
Chibs: Some yuppie creamed it out by the streams.
Jax: He run into it or hit a tree while it was giving him head?
Half-Sack: How the hell you want me to get it out of there? (Jax gets a chainsaw) Come on. Jesus, man.
Jax: Just pretend its carve your on steak night at the sizzler.
Half-Sack: I don't eat meat, man.
Jax: Figure it out, grunt.