Ratings Report: Lost Hits All Time Low

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Despite a paradoxically brilliant episode in which time travel trio Jack, Kate, and Hurley assimilated into 1977 DHARMA society, Lost posted its lowest ratings to date with only 9.08 million. It doesn't help that it went up against American Idol which drew 23 million.

Namaste New Recruits

Among other primetime pickings:

  • Scrubs was finally back with a new episode, but only scored 5.8 million viewers
  • Somehow the extremely mediocre Gary Unmarried (7.57 million) beat ABC's much anticipated Better Off Ted (5.64 million), but both lost to Lie To Me (10.03 million)
  • The always reliable CSI: NY won its timeslot with 12.7 million, but Life on Mars wins most improved with its 5.27 million

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