Smallville Interview with Serinda Swan (Zantanna)

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On tonight's episode of Smallville, "Hex," Serinda Swan guest stars as the magician from DC Comics, Zantanna.  Matt Mitovich recently sat down with this beautiful young actress to squeeze some Smallville spoilers about tonight's episode. 

Here's a small excerpt from the interview: Before Zatanna pulls off the Chloe-Lois body swap, do we get any hint that she has mad magic skills?
Swan: Well, the very first thing she does is perform one of her more magical spells as opposed to an illusion, so right off the bat you get that she is more of a trickster and a trouble-maker than a regular party magician. Does Chloe's experience get filed under: "Be careful what you wish for"? 
Swan: Absolutely. [Laughs] But at the same time Zatanna thinks she's being helpful. She has a little twinkle in her eye because she knows what's going to happen. Most people are not careful what they wish for. 

Serinda Swan as Zantanna Erica Durance plays Chloe for much of the episode?
Swan: Yes, and it's such a blast. It was so much fun watching that. In addition to Chloe's wish, I understand Clark has one, too....
Swan: Yes, he does — and it gets him into a bit of trouble, because it's not a regular wish. It's something that kind of turns him upside-down. But I can't give away what it is!

There interview gets even better, so be sure and read the rest of the interview at TV Guide.

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