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Last Thursday on The Office, Michael met his "New Boss" Charles Miner (The Wire alum Idris Elba), a no-nonsense taskmaster who was unwilling to give Michael any leeway or tolerate his absurdity even for a second, ultimately leading to Mr. Scott's resignation.

It was a meltdown of epic proporations, setting the stage for some great episodes to come as Miner tries to assert control over Dunder Mifflin. Below are some of best lines from the episode - check out our full list of The Office quotes from all five seasons, too!

Idris Elba as Charles Minor
Angela: Charles and Kelly? Absolutely not. He is a sophisticated man. He does not need to go dumpster-diving for companionship, ok? | permalink
Kelly: I could see our kids facing obstacles being half-Black and half-Indian, but it's so worth it, you guys.
Phyllis: It's just me here. | permalink
Michael: I quit. | permalink
Jim: And for my next trick, I will make my career disappear. | permalink
Michael: Fifteen years I have been here. And I have sacrificed a lot.
David: Yes.
Michael: I've put having a family on hold.
David: We didn't ask you to do that. | permalink
Michael: David said you and I should get to know each other better. So I would like you to tell me something that you've never told anybody before.
Charles: No.
Michael: Come on. What's your wife's name? Where did you work before you came here?
Charles: Saticoy Steel.
Michael: Beautiful. African-Americans have such a rich history of unusual names. | permalink
Michael: I don't need to be managed, Charles. And if you want pick up some tips, observing here, and take them to the other branches, it's all good. But Jan would mostly come by when she was super horny, and Ryan would come by to visit his parents and do laundry, so... Are we clear?
Charles: That's not how I plan on doing things. | permalink
Dwight: Ask him about the party.
Michael: [on speakerphone] Oh, right. David, are you coming to my 15th anniversary party?
David: I'll give it my best shot, Michael.
Dwight: No the other thing.
Michael: Oh, ok. If we hire Cirque de Soleil as salaried employees, will that help us with year-end tax stuff? [long silence]
Dwight: He hung up?
David: No. | permalink
Michael: Listen, why don't we just leave that position vacant? Truth be told, I think I thrive under a lack of accountability. | permalink

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The Office Quotes

David: Now what I'm curious about is how you were able to go an entire a week without knowing a member of your staff was there.
Michael: I did not want to go back to the annex because that is where Holly worked whom I loved.
Dwight: Also, it's icky back there.
Michael: That's true. People say it's icky.
David: Okay, I have to go.

Creed: That is "Northern Lights". Cannabis indica.
Dwight: [sighs] No, it's marijuana.