30 Rock Quotes: "Cutbacks"

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On 30 Rock Thursday, Kenneth took over for Jonathan, which meant Tracy had to watch Kenneth's bird, which led to his belief that Ken is actually a serial murderer.

Elsewhere, Liz Lemon decided to do whatever it takes to save her staff. Even getting down and dirty, in a way that only Liz Lemon can, with an outside consultant.

Below are some of the best quotes from "Cutbacks." Prepare to laugh, and be sure check out our library of 30 Rock quotes from all three seasons of the hit show!

Hot Liz Lemon
Jenna: [to Kenneth] You know how you told Tracy not to go into your bedroom? Well, naturally, we assumed you were a serial killer, and as you can imagine, your bird is dead. | permalink
Jack: Your writer's room is now the headquarters for Telemundo's coverage of World Cup soccer qualifying. | permalink
Liz: I want to keep making prank phone calls to people like Seattle's Richard Sackmuncher. | permalink
Liz: We're in final negotiations to provide exclusive content to America's jails! | permalink
Jack: [to Kenneth] You'll do fine as long as you follow my Three Ds: Discretion, Docility, and Don't Use My Bathroom. | permalink
Jack: The days of your wild coke parties are over.
Liz: Well, if by coke you mean soda.
Jack: I do. | permalink
Jack: [to Liz] Top front? Good lord, Lemon, that's your worst quadrant. | permalink
Liz: We go upstairs, 20 minutes, open mouth, I will work your ears. | permalink
Liz: Fine - 30 minutes, I'll make some sounds and you can say one weird thing to me. | permalink
HR Guy: [to Liz] He alleges you tried to barter sex for professional consideration. In the HR world we refer to that as being a filthy prostitute. | permalink
Pete: It's a massacre! I can't go back to teaching high school math. Those girls pretend they're not women, but they are. | permalink

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30 Rock Quotes

Jenna: Jack, can we talk, one ten to another?
Jack: I'm an eleven, but continue.

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