Big Love Spoilers: Ana Not Guaranteed in Fourth Season

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Less than a week after we reported that Ana will return to Big Love during the fourth season, executive producer Mark V. Olsen had to crush our dreams.

The producer told the L.A. Times that "Ana is someone I think deserves to come back into the life of the family, but there's not a guarantee that it will be in the fourth season."

Ana Answers the Phone

Olsen goes on to say, "I talked to [Ana's portrayer] Branka, and I said, 'You're definitely going to come back either this season or in a later season. We want you to come back.' And then what happens is we don't always have a completely planned-out season when we go into the writers' room"

Olsen continues, "If we come up with a premise that's going to take us through this next year, and it relates somehow to Ana coming back into the family to cause trouble or to dramatize that theme, then she'll definitely come back."

Hey, at least this means we're getting a Big Love fifth season more than likely and she's coming back to stir up trouble!

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