Dichen Lachman Dishes on Dollhouse

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On tonight's episode of Dollhouse, Echo, Sierra and three other actives "wake up" in their sleeping pods, actually aware that they've had their lives stolen away in the name of some experiment.

Dichen Lachman, the Australian-Tibetan actress who portrays Sierra, spoke to TV Guide about what's to come...

TVGuide.com: This week, on the outside, Sierra makes a beeline for the man who, shall we say, "introduced" her to the Dollhouse. How does that reunion go?
Lachman: Well, she's still putting all the pieces together in her mind, because what happened in "Man on the Street," where she's raped by Hearn, is influencing what she remembers. But when she sees this guy, it starts to all make sense to her. She realizes that he put her in the Dollhouse against her will.

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TVGuide.com: During Sierra's adventure this week, she and Victor experience a bit of romantic tension. Is it cool to bring that element to this show?
Lachman: I love Victor and Sierra's relationship; it's really special the way they're sort of drawn to each other. He's attracted to her, he cares for her, he wants her to sit with him at lunch or whatever.... He's got this big childlike affection for her that he can't really explain. And then when they go outside, it's still there but it becomes much more adult.

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