House Season Finale Questions Asked, Answered

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So... House and Cuddy never had sex?!?

Moreover, the events depicted on the show's second-to-last episode of season five never even happened?!?

House left many viewers irritated, after it revealed in its season finale that its main character - spoiler alert! - had so many screws loose that he was imagining events taking place in a drastically different manner than reality.


Executive producer David Shore sat down with TV Guide Magazine this week to clear things up...

On what was real: Every scene that House wasn’t in was real. But even the stuff that House was in was real—it was just his perception of the lipstick/pills that was distorted. And there was no detox or sex.

On House sobering up: He’s certainly going to purse that. We want to treat this seriously and we want to go down that road.

On the future of Huddy: Initally, there are bigger issues on the table, but it would be dishonest to just let that disappear. Obviously House has feelings for her. Even though the love affair didn’t happen, in House’s mind it did.

On House's professional status next season: We want to deal with this in as realistic way as possible. We are going to be with House, but it’s not going to be at Princeton-Plainsboro. We want to take it through the process that House is going through.

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