Corey Reynolds Previews New, Future Epsiodes of The Closer

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On tonight's episode of The Closer, the show welcomes ex-Battlestar Galactica actress Mary McDonnell to town as a captain who’s investigating Sgt. Gabriel's mysterious shooting.

In a new interview with TV Guide, Corey Reynolds talks about the new installment, while opening up about his character's relationship with Daniels: The promos [for tonight] show Gabriel firing shots into the darkness, and then being offered a lawyer. So it looks pretty grim.
Reynolds: And on top of that, those shots he's firing in the dark come about five minutes after his second Scotch, so.... It's a really complicated issue. Those people who feel that the first two episodes haven't been as edge-of-your-seat as they're accustomed to - and I can't say that I totally agree with them - are in for a very pleasant surprise.

Corey Reynolds You're a part of The Closer's longest-running mystery: "What the heck went down between Gabriel and Daniels?" Are we getting answers soon?
Reynolds: You are going to get some answers this week. I think that ultimately, the maturity level of two people in a professional setting — when it comes to a romantic relationship — isn't always at its highest level. Deep down, I think there was a genuine love between them, but from what I understand in talking to [series creator] James [Duff], there are some political aspirations in play for Gabriel, and I don't think Daniels wanted to go that route with him. She didn't want to live her life under that microscope.

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