A Long Look at Smallville Season Nine

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Smallville is moving to Friday nights, starting on September 25.

But this isn't the only change coming to the long-running CW series.

As fans know, Jimmy Olsen was killed by Doomsday in May’s season finale. As a result, Clark Kent will be growing obsessed over the incident when season nine premieres on the fall.

“He is trying a little too hard to be a hero, and is leaving the rest of his life behind,” executive producer Brian Peterson told TV Guide Magazine.

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As previously announced, the soon-to-be Superman will face a couple of new villains this year.

First, Daily Planet reporter John Corben gets transformed into Metallo, as Brian Austin Green will take on this role in a two-episode arc.

“We know that there’s multiple versions of Metallo,” said producer Kelly Souders. “We picked one of the different versions and I think people will realize which one after the first episode.”

Of course, this season’s main villain will be Zod, the Kryptonian nemesis of Clark’s biological father.

“We had a little peek at who Zod was a couple of seasons ago, which fans will remember. But this a different incarnation of Zod,” Peterson said. “We’re introducing him as Major Zod - this is before he became General Zod.”

Added Souders: “Over the course of the season, the venomous side of Zod rises because he experiences a few key betrayals with our beloved characters.”

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