Connie Britton Previews New Friday Night Lights Season(s)

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While Friday Night Lights star Connie Britton recently said the series' two-season pickup would likely mean the end of the show in 2011, she now says, "You never know—if it does do really, really well, maybe they would go on for more seasons."

Either way, what do the next - and possible final - two seasons hold?

Peter Berg, who adapted the book and film of the same name for television, is directing the first episode, which will likely have a time jump similar to Season Two.

Said Connie Britton of the new season, "I bet they will do it from that three-month ending to the beginning of the new school season, which would be September."

Back to Austin

And if a sixth season of Friday Night Lights isn't ordered after the fourth and fifth?

"Everybody is really embracing the idea of having two seasons and being able to be really specific with these arcs and know where we're going to end up," she said.

"That's exciting to be able to do that on a TV show. I really do feel like these two seasons are going to be really strong. I think it's going to be a lot of change."

"I think it's going to be really strong. Part of that is because they are thinking of it in terms of two seasons. In a way, it's much more like a movie focus."

So where would Connie want to see the Taylors end up?

"Julie would've graduated, so I'd love to see her off somewhere fantastic. I think it would be interesting to see [Coach and Tami] end up at the same school again, back to being on top a little bit, but even as I'm saying that I'm thinking, what if we end up moving away out of Dillon? That could be really interesting, too."

Regardless, Connie's extremely pleased with the fan support that brought Friday Night Lights back from within an inch of death for two consecutive seasons.

"Our fans are so awesome. People who are watching this show are just so amazingly invested and passionate. It's just a joy. Anytime I run into someone who watches this show, the investment is like a dream. It's incredible. [It's] just so satisfying to work on something that people feel that strongly about, it's the best."

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