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We're learning more and more about what Maryann is capable of on True Blood after last Sunday's episode.  Now we can finally learn what her character's intentions.

In the following excerpt from an interview with TV Guide, Michelle Forbes, who plays Maryann, reveals her character's goals and a big reveal. So if her goal is pleasure or ecstasy, why is she also violent?
Forbes: Maryann lives in a different moral construct than the rest of us. Tenderness, violence — they're the same to her. The more that somebody is feeling alive and in their adrenaline and feeding that appetite for what we're not supposed to do, the more that they're in what she considers purity. That is her life blood; that is her excitement.

Maryann Does Her Thing

All those things that people hold themselves back from — food, sex, booze, drugs — she wants to push people into their vices, their purity, their ecstasy. That's what she considers happiness. It's not a nefarious or villainous thing in her mind. She wants everyone to feel the same glory and joy that she feels. She wants everyone to join the party. In one scene, we see that Maryann can vibrate and will Sam to shape-shift. So why, in the flashback scene, does she vibrate when they're having sex? Was she trying to have sex with a dog?
Forbes: That is a season-revealer, so I can't say anything. That's a really important scene; people will be going back to that scene when they see the entire season.

You can read the rest of the interview at TV Guide and then discuss in our True Blood forum what you think that scene means to the show.

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