Bryan Batt Dishes on Mad Men (Almost) Sex Scene

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As Salvatore, one might say Bryan Batt had his coming out party on the season premiere of Mad Men.


The character experienced his first gay sexual encounter, although the action was stopped by a hotel fire alarm. Asked about the scene by TV Guide, Batt replied:

"I was blown away...when I first read the script, my jaw dropped. He was inebriated, so he was kind of hot and bothered to begin with and he lets down his guard. He was so totally caught off guard, but one thing that's clear is that this is his first time. It's the first time he's ever had those kind of relations, and when you think about it, he really doesn't get that far. It's a kiss and a handshake, and then the [fire alarm] goes off."

[video url="" title="First Time, Interrupted"] [/video]

Batt added the way it all went down was realistic.

"It's building for years in him, and this is where it is finally able to happen. Anybody's first time with anything sexual — is it ever like you planned it or is it ever perfect? No."

He certainly has that right.

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