Coming to Big Love: Sons, Suitors and More!

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Roman Grant is dead.

As a result, his Big Love family will be branching out on season four of hit drama, which premiers in January 2010.

Look for Selma, Grant's sister, to be sprung from jail and end up in Mexico. Later in the season, viewers will discover she has two grown sons, as actress Sandy Martin joked: "my eggs are flowing!"

Big Love Family

Also, Roman’s widow has seen her power in the clan vanish - but Adaleen will begin to welcome suitors as the season progresses.

“The widow wives of a deceased prophet are like jewels in a crown that many want to obtain,” executive producer Mark V. Olsen told the publication.

As for Roman’s gay son, Alby? He’s got a new lover, Dale, but don't expect this relationship to have a happy ending.

“We want them to be a sexy couple you’ll root for,” said Olsen, “but it will not end well.”

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