Dollhouse Season Two: Back to the Future!

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Entering season two, Dollhouse faces an unusual problem:

A segment of its viewers have seen "Epitaph One" on DVD, an unaired episode that depicted the future for Echo and the rest of the characters, presenting a possibly radical, fresh direction for the series.

How will creator Joss Whedon deal with this issue on season two's opening episode, which airs September 25?

He spoke to reporters on the Dollhouse set last week and said the series will revisit that future occasionally, however: "The actual bulk of the show takes place three months after the events of "Omega."

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Whedon must also set up the second season to satisfy both loyal viewers and newcomers.

"We have so many regulars and relationships and so much mythology already around the central premise of 'this woman can be anyone' that this [the second season premiere] has a lot of catching up for any viewer whether or not "Epitaph" was a part of it," he said.

Overall, Whedon told the media, the goal is to "build Echo up from nothing... and really give her a sense of momentum and purpose that will ground the show in a way it couldn't be last year."

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