Warehouse 13 Recap: "Elements"

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This week's episode of Warehouse 13 depicted everything that we like and everything that we dislike about the show.

There was some decent dialogue, an intriguing case - and, as always, an anticlimactic resolution to the investigation.

We go into detail about this issue in our complete recap of "Elements."

Myka and Pete Picture

Below, we've listed a few of the best Warehouse 13 quotes from last night:

Pete: Use your feminine wiles. Smile. You're pretty when you smile.
Myka: I am?
Pete: Yeah.
Myka: So what does that mean when I'm not smiling?
Pete: Kind of frightening. | permalink
Myka: Hey, partner. How are you feeling?
Pete: Sore. Everywhere. Need cookies. | permalink
Claudia: Check.
Artie: I'll be damned.
Claudia: Well, maybe, but I'm not one to judge. | permalink
Myka: But it's still just a well-executed art theft. I mean, it doesn't automatically shout "warehouse," does it.
Artie: Things rarely shout "warehouse." They usually whisper, "Hey, that's a little odd." | permalink

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