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We're gonna quickly sum up this episode of Warehouse 13 and then express our ongoing problem with the series, which was nicely encapsulated on this episode:

Pete and Myka go to NYC to figure out how an ancient statue was stolen. Turns out, a Donald Trump-like individual had somehow gotten his hands on a Native American robe that allowed him to walk through walls. He used that to inflitrate the buildings that held each of the four statues in a certain set.

The reason? Used together, they led the way to a cave that would give him eternal life, as well as superhuman strength.

In the end, though, Pete, Myka and a guy named Jeffrey Weaver (who could return as a love interest for Myka) found their own way to the cave and Pete thrust an arrow into the evil dude's chest before his plan could come to fruition.

Now, our problems with the show/episode:

  1. It's never explained how people come across these ancient, dangerous artifacts. This guy, for example, just happened to have found such a mysterious, powerful robe? Makes for pretty easy writing when the show can simply give people these sorts of items without explanation.
  2. More importantly, the resolution to all storylines is always anticlimactic. In this case, Pete and Myka figured out the bad guy's whereabouts, arrived there and put an end to his plan in about 90 seconds. All it took? Pete running to grab an arrow, while the guy was distracted, and sticking it into his chest.

The series has potential for sure. But we'd like to see it spend more time actually devising in-depth, interesting cases. I don't get the sense that Pete or Myka are particularly insightful or adept. They talk to some witness, call Artie, he types something into the computer and - presto! - they know where to find the bad guy.

In other storyline news: Artie agrees to let Claudia - from last week's episode - stay on and help in the warehouse.

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Warehouse 13 Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Myka: She's out of your league.
Pete: How do you know what my league is?
Myka: Not that I asked for them, but I've got season tickets.
Pete: That's good, I like that.

Myka: But it's still just a well-executed art theft. I mean, it doesn't automatically shout "warehouse," does it.
Artie: Things rarely shout "warehouse." They usually whisper, "Hey, that's a little odd."