Harry Lennix Previews Season Two of Dollhouse

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While creator Joss Whedon and star Eliza Dushku receive the bulk of attention for their roles on Dollhouse, the Fox drama makes good use of its supporting case.

Harry Lennix, for example, plays Boyd Langdon on the show. As it heads into season two (premiering on September 25), the actor spoke to Sci Fi Wire about what fans can expect.

"The Dollhouse is reeling from the encroachment by Alpha, obviously," Lennix said. "This is an important thing, because obviously this man is now out, and he's on the loose, and he has access to technology which might be detrimental to the smooth functioning of the Dollhouse.

So we still have to try to find her, and at the same time, we also have to continue to supply services to our clients. So we're somewhere in between knowing that something bad is out there that is an imminent threat, but also we have a job to perform by having our actors engage with the different clients."

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To close the show's opening season, Boyd was promoted to head of security. He hasn't had much to do in that role yet.

"As yet, I do not, and yet that's okay, because I think that quality trumps quantity any time," Lennix said. "Right now, being able to work with Olivia Williams directly is great. I also get to work with Amy Acker. I've got Olivia and Amy, and while I do not have as much to do with Eliza as I used to, I have the hope that maybe I can be in the best of both worlds."

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