House Characters React to Return of Their Boss

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At the conclusion of last night's incredible season premiere of House, our favorite cranky doctor left his mental facility home, supposedly for Princeton Plainsboro hospital.

When he returns to his former job, how will the presence of this new, and supposedly improved, House affect members of his team?

E! News asked that question to a trio of the show's stars, and each replied with a take on his/her character:

Jesse Spencer: "I'm back on the team. It's kinda old-school: Cameron and Chase, kickin' it old-school. The merging of the teams is a work in progress. People are back and forth, and in and out, but I think very soon it's going to be a complete conglomeration of old and new. It's going to be a new dynamic for the team, which I think is going to be really good."

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Thirteen, House
Peter Jacobson

Olivia Wilde: "House has changed, and that means our environment has changed. Everyone approaches House's recovery differently. They all have very different relationships to him this season, and it reveals a little bit more about similarities that some of us may have with House."

Peter Jacobson: "Taub is somewhat relieved to not be the subject of such abuse, as he has been. For Taub it is actually a little bit frustrating, because there are a lot of dynamic shifts and different politics on the team and in the hospital, because House isn't as he was. We don't always necessarily know who is in charge. I came to the hospital for very specific reasons, three years ago, and I'm not sure those reasons are sustained at the moment."

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