Mad Men Recap: "The Fog"

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Welcome to the world of Mad Men, Eugene Scott Draper!

Betty gave birth to a son this week and named him after her late father, much to the chagrin of Don. But the latter did appear to take out a new lease on life, inspired by a talk with a fellow expecting dad in the hospital waiting room. We'll see for how long that lasts.

Also, Pete and Peggy clashed over a surprising offer from Duck.

Read a lot more about both these developments in our episode recap of "The Fog."

Don and Sally

A few of our favorite Mad Men quotes from the hour:

Peggy: It's my decision.
Pete: Your decisions affect me. | permalink
Peggy: I look around and I think: I want what he had. You have everything and you have so much of it.
Don: I suppose that's probably true. | permalink
Betty: Where's Don?
Nurse: He's in the waiting room.
Betty: Bulls**t. He's never where you expect him to be. | permalink

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Mad Men Quotes

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Don: Everything's gonna be fine.
Betty: How do you know that?
Don: You'll see.