The Office Wedding Spoilers: Get All the Details!

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On October 8, The Office quotes will go from hilarious to sentimental. Sort of.

On that date, the NBC sitcom airs a one-hour episode that focuses on an event years in the making: Jim and Pam's wedding.

In the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, various cast members speak on the occasion, which will be set at Niagra Falls.

“It’s about keeping this relationship as real as we can instead of making it a television romance,” said John Krasinski (Jim). “When you have two characters who are so perfect for each other, it’s a little weird for them to not get married.  So you have to put that step in, whether it’s been done on television successfully before or not.”

The Office on EW

This is The Office, of course. Not everything will go smoothly during the wedding weekend.

Said Paul Lieberstein (a wrier on the show, and the actor that portrays the underrated Toby), referring to a rehearsal dinner mistake:  "Jim ruins his own wedding.”

Meanwhile, Pam is pregnant and a baby will soon enter the picture. But Steve Carell assures fans the show won't go from funny to cheesy:

“I don’t’ think the show will become The Office Baby,” he said, while Lieberstein adds that “we’re certainly not going to ignore the kid.  But one of the things that’s great about being an office comedy is kids don’t really come to work with you.”

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