Crowded Grey's Anatomy Means New Storytelling Methods?

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With all the new doctors joining the staff at Seattle Grace (one played by 24's Kim Raver being the newest addition) and some of our current mainstays taking time away, a logistical question arises: How is the show going to write in all these comings and goings?

Here's what TV Guide had to say about that in its spoiler Q&A today ...

Q: Other than character-centric episodes, how else will Grey's Anatomy account for cast absences?

A: Rumor has it that the sixth episode of this season will feature a Rashomon-style story, as a death in the ER is told from the perspective of many characters.

But don't worry, Grey's Anatomy won't abandon its tried-and-true storytelling methods.

"People shouldn't expect the series to be wholly reinvented, but we are asking people to take a leap of faith with us and shake things up a little," executive producer Krista Vernoff said. "It's going to be a different experience for our audience, but I'm loving the episodes."

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