Eastwick Producer Teases Big Guest Star, Storylines

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It got off to a slow start, but Eastwick is picking up momentum on ABC.

The witch-based drama has abandoned attempts at a grand, moral message and focused on what it should have been all along: a campy, fun soap opera.

What can fans of the series look forward to in the near future? TV Guide posed a few questions about the show to Executive Producer Maggie Friedman. Excerpts from the Q&A follow...

On new abilities: In future episodes, all of our ladies will be expanding their powers into new and surprising realms! We're about to get very, very magical.

On guest star Jerry O'Connell: [His character] is a good man hiding a horrible secret. He's a single father, a widow, with a young son who is a part of this secret. Kat will be drawn to him, and she will be put in danger as a result.

On selling her show: The supernatural element keeps growing every week, and it works on multiple levels — there literally is magic happening on the show, but it's also a metaphor for these characters' lives, which I think are very rich and relatable. Also, we just have so much fun making Eastwick and I think it shows.

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(voiceover) Sometimes, those with the most powerful abilities are hiding in the most unlikely places.


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