How I Met Your Mother Recap: "Robin 101"

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How I Met Your Mother's fifth season definitely belongs to Barney and Robin.  On last night's episode, Robin was getting sick of Barney being such an insensitive boyfriend, that Barney was actually ready to make some changes not to lose her.

And what better man is there to learn the nuances of being a sensitive boyfriend to Robin than Ted?  Barney decides to secretly enroll in a class with Ted to learn how to be a better boyfriend.

Ted and Barney in Class

Meanwhile, silly Marshall, clearly depserate for a plotline, tries to find a new home for an old beer barrel he once used as a nightstand.  Find out if it found a new home in our "Robin 101" recap.

Now for some classic How I Met Your Mother quotes from the episode:

Barney: Funny thing, and this is just me, I like my balls attached to my body instead of rolling around next to some eyeliner in Robin's purse. Stinson out. | permalink
Ted [about a picture of Robin with nostrils flaring]: If you ever see this face, whatever you do, run and do not take a picture or she will punch you.. and you will cry.. for the third time... that night | permalink
Ted: Pop quiz. When robin is PMSing what kind of chocolate should youg et her?
Barney: Trick question. Get her butter scotch.
Ted: Correct. Why?
Barney: Butter scotch is to Canadian women what chocolate is to American women | permalink
Ted [to Robin]: I've seen barney try really hard to get women, I've seen barney try really hard to get rid of women, but I've never seen barney try so hard to keep a woman | permalink

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