On Queen Suger Season 1 Episode 8, Darla shows up unexpectedly, Charley makes some changes, and Vi worries about Nova's safety as the storm approaches.
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On Frequency Season 1 Episode 4 Frank and Raimy each try to reach a girl who had a run in with the Nightingale Killer, but got attached to the fame associated with it.
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Kelsey takes up dating on Younger Season 3 Episode 5 with great success. But is Lucas great batter or a burnt pancake? Find out in our review!
Posted in: Younger
On Arrow Season 5 Episode 4, Oliver and Lyla joined forces to save Diggle, but that left the recruits to work without him. Read on for the full review.
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A missing petty officer led the team a web of complicated corporate shenanigans on NCIS Season 14 Episode 6. Discover how it turned out in our review!
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We said goodbye to another fan favorite on The Flash Season 3 Episode 4, but it's hard not to wonder if it's a temporary thing. Read our review for more!
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On Bull Season 1 Episode 5, the parents of a murdered socialite try to hire Dr. Bull to help prosecute her fiance for the crime, but Bull defends him instead.
Posted in: Bull
On No Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 4, everyone gets their boundries pushed. Evie and Xander reexamine their monogamous relationship. Read on for more!
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