On Outcast Season 1 Episode 8, Kyle met with Sidney for insight into the demon possessions while the Reverend alienated himself even further. Read on!
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Khlyen accidentally body-swapped with D'avin on Killjoys Season 2 Episode 5. While on Qresh, the Simms Estate was under attack courtesy of a pathogen. Who died? Read on.
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On Mr. Robot Season 2 Episode 4, Elliot moved forward with his plan to remove Mr. Robot, but did he succeed? Read on for the full review of a wild episode!
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On Suits Season 6 Episode 3, Harvey revealed some shocking information to Mike, while Louis got himself in trouble. Read on for the full review!
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Emma finds a connection between Piper and Ms. Lang on Scream Season 2 Episode 9, which leads her and Audrey to a deadly party at an old orphanage.
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