Mad Men Round Table: "The Color Blue"

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Welcome to the latest edition of the Mad Men Round Table!

Following a busy episode of the AMC hit, our staff is anxious to dish on the latest developments and happenings. We encourage readers to chime in with their opinions, as well. Let's get right to it...

Will Betty reveal what she knows to Don?
DapperDon: First let me say how shocked I was by her discovery. Mad Men typically shies away from actual suspense, choosing instead to build small moment after small moment. But I was on the edge of my suit when she found that shoebox. Yes, I think she'll confront Don with it.

PrettyBetty: Definitely. This is the new, assertive Betty. The information is too explosive for her to simply ignore it.

PeteSoup: No. She looked defeated at the Sterling Cooper party. She must know a confrontation over Don's past could end their marriage and, while she has come a long way, Betty isn't prepared for that.

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How will Don and Ms. Farrell's relationship end?
DapperDon: I know it sounds bold, but I think this is it for the Draper marriage. I foresee a separation to end the season, based on the shoebox information discussed above, and Don actually moving in with Suzanne.

PrettyBetty: Badly.

PeteSoup: I don't know, but I also can't figure Ms. Farrell out. Is she sort of crazy? Or just more emotionally open and advanced that most people of that era?

Will Pryce reveal the news of an impending sale to Sterling or Cooper?
DapperDon: No. He clearly is bothered by the fact that upper management feels no attachment to what he helped build, but his best character trait has been knows all along: he does what the bosses say.

PrettyBetty: I think so. It's the mid-60s. Times are changing. Pryce can't continue to toe the company line and he'll give Sterling and Cooper a chance to buy their business back again.

PeteSoup: He'll struggle with the information, but I say no. No one in that office seems prepared to break out of the mold they've created for themselves.

Will we ever see Danny Farrell again?
DapperDon: I doubt it, but I'm more taken with how little Don thinks of his family, even when he tries to do good. What happens if Danny calls the Draper residence in the future? How will Don explain that away?

PrettyBetty: No way. Considering the actor that plays him starred on Prison Break, it's safe to assume he knows how to remain on the run.

PeteSoup: No. But the memories of how awfully Don treated his brother will continue to play a role.

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