Photo Gallery From "I Saw What I Saw"

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Below are some photos from this Thursday's episode, "I Saw What I Saw."

After a burn victim unexpectedly dies in a chaotic ER, the Chief and his board members are forced to interrogate each individual resident to find the culprit. In turn, the residents, new and old, are forced to defend their actions in an effort to save their jobs.

Naturally, this should lead to even more tension among the Seattle Gracers and Mercy Westers as the melting pot that is Grey's Anatomy continues to be shaped before our eyes.

Click to enlarge the pics from "I Saw What I Saw" and comment below:

Bailey is Back
McDreamy, McSteamy
Rumble at SGH
Wheeling In
The Leading Men
Bad News
McD in Charge
Fight in the Hall

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