Smallville Episide Stills from "Crossfire"

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Move over, Jim and Pam! You aren't the only office mates getting busy this week!

On Friday's new episode of Smallville, titled "Crossfire," Clark lays a big kiss on Lois, right in front of co-workers. Take a look:

An Office Romance

Also taking place this week: Oliver offers to train a new girl named Mia; while Lois and Clark are asked to host a radio program.

As for a broader view of what's to come, producer Kelly Souders told TV Guide that Clark isn't finished with his all-black suit just yet.

"He isn't quite done with his suit yet. This whole season is the alter ego before he starts transforming into the [Superman] that we all know... There's a flirting moment with a pair of glasses. I won't say that he's definitely got them on, but I would watch the next little run [of episodes]."

Meanwhile, we're always updating TV Fanatic for the latest Smallville quotes. For now, click on the photos below to view more scenes from Friday's installment:

Oliver and Lois
Smallville Picture
A Smallville Embrace
Crossfire Scene

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Smallville Quotes

Clark: I didn't know you were such a history buff.
Lex: I'm not. I'm just interested in people who ruled the world before they were thirty.

Everything okay, Smallville?