Sons of Anarchy Review: "Potlatch"

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Following the prison brawl between Jax and Clay, Gemma wants to organize a dinner for the whole club. The meal, a potluck, seems like it's exactly what everyone needs to get back on the same page.

However, the get-together may wind up tearing the club apart for good, as we explain in our review below. We've also posted a detailed recap of events for anyone that missed the episode...

What Worked
The Ball-Off
Or maybe it should be the Ball-On. The Prospect is welcomed back into the club fresh off of his successful testicle replacement surgery. The club's inspection of his new hardware, Tig's comparison to his own, and Opie's expression when he walks in on the whole thing brought some levity to the beginning of a very heavy episode.

Major Confrontation

What Didn't Work
The Bawl-Off
Tara has finished Jax's father's journal on his vision of the club. She wants Jax to change, but he keeps making the same mistakes. Nag, nag, nag. Jax tells her he loves the club more than anything else, which includes Tara and his newborn son. Awkward, slow start to the episode for these two.

What Worked
The return of Chuck and his newfound mutilation fetish
The Chinese cut eight of Chuck's fingers off so that he could not pleasure himself, his nervous tick from last season. Somehow, Chuck made this work, whether using his finger to poke Georgie's massive bodyguard in the eye or gaining access to his porn studio with a "mutilation fetish" DVD. Two thumbs, or whatever's left, up for Chuck's return.

What Didn't
Jax's leather fetish
Call me crazy, but if a gangbanger has a gun to my head and is demanding my leather jacket, club or no club, I'd give it to him. Besides, it's got to be hot in California. All that leather can't make a man smell very good. Maybe some SAMCRO polo shirts instead?

What Really Worked
Bumbling Bobby
Bobby tries to get Opie to seal the deal with Lyla, pointing out that she's a porn star and he's got to hit it. "What do you know about hitting porn stars," Jax asks in response. Bobby, who had a quick fling with Luanne earlier, was adorable in his shuffling, mumbling response. No wonder the ladies dig him.

What Really Didn't
Tara the Tyrant
For the second week in a row, tyrannical Tara let loose on the lovable Lyla, asking if they were "Serving handjobs for dessert" at the potluck upon spotting the perky porn star. Once again, Tara, yes, she's a single mother working as a porn star to help raise her kids and pay for her drug habit, but you're a murdering doctor who provides medical services for an illegal biker gang. I think you can cut her some slack.

What Really, Really Worked
Polly Zobelle's tank top
I think Edmond Hayes has found all the guns that he needs.

What Really, Really Didn't
Erin Go Wha?
Please, can we get some subtitles or something when Fiona speaks? It's bad enough trying to understand Chibs normally. It's even worse when he's whispering from a hospital bed. But when it comes to not being able to understand what someone is saying, Fiona takes the soda bread, er, cake. Then she puts said cake in her mouth and mumbles her lines.

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Sons of Anarchy Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Half-Sack: It's a little bit painful when I ride. Sometimes I feel it when I walk. Other than that, back to normal.
Tig: Is it gay that I want to see it?
Bobby: Gay curious.
Tig: Come on, drop 'em.

Jax: Is there anything you love so much, you'd protect it, no matter the cost; the damage it did to you?
Tara: Yeah. Yeah, a child.
Jax: Yeah. That's how I feel about this club. Since I was five Tara, all I've ever wanted was a Harley and cut. Change won't happen quick, or without blood, but it'll happen. It has to.