The Next Bachelor is ... Jake Pavelka!

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Texas airline pilot Jake Pavelka, who you may recall from The Bachelorette, will be the star of The Bachelor, ABC revealed last night on Dancing with the Stars.

Apparently Reid Rosenthal and Kiptyn Locke weren't available.

In any case, Jake knows how the show works, having wooed Jillian Harris semi-successfully on The Bachelorette, and cannot wait to hand out some roses.

“I’ve dated some really amazing girls, but I’ve never been successful at finding that one girl,” Jake said. “I saw how the whole thing came together with Jillian. I saw how the process works and I believe in it. That’s a unique way to meet somebody.”

Unique, yes. Successful? That's another story.

Jake Pavelka Pic

Jake Pavelka has some big shoes to fill.

While he was branded as Mr. Perfect on the show, Jillian ultimately eliminated Jake in favor of some shady characters. This brought back to the show to sell one of them out.

In a hilariously-staged tearful scene, Jake returned the week after he got the boot to warn Jillian about Wes Hayden, who he said was using her and dating someone else.

Some felt this was lame, a clear violation of man code and a total d!ck move. But the show's female viewership still loved Jake, with some even praising that "heroic" act.

Jake Pavelka did some acting earlier in life under the name of Jake Landrum, but is best known for being a commercial pilot - and for being soooo sweet and handsome!

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