White Collar Review: "Threads"

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Peter and Neal are up to their necks in models due to Fashion Week taking New York by storm. 

For any guy watching this show, you gotta love the multitude of gorgeous model extras that really have no point to the episode. If you're a girl, here's looking at you hottie Neal Caffrey! 

The new FBI agent is hot in an Amanda Peet kind of way, but her role in Threads really isn't much convincing. Are you really suppose to believe that a size zero has the ability to take down a man four times her size? I don't think so!

Once murders start to pile up on their White Collar crime, Neal realizes that they must step it up and use their witness as bait to catch the international criminal. 

Overall we think the second episode proves to be a great followup for the show's pilot. We're still waiting to see our favorite Bayside High girl breakout and own her role on USA's new hit series. 

What do you guys think of this weeks episode? Check out our recap in case you missed it!

Party Troubles?

Not only is Neal hottie-Mc.Hotterson, but he has the best lines in the show thus far - here are a few of our favorite quotes:

Neal: Sex games gone wrong? (Referring to the murder of Dmitri) | permalink
Neal: No Peter, menacing - you look like a person whose kid just struck out. | permalink
Neal: (Looking at the scantily-clad FBI agent) So where do you keep your gun? | permalink
Neal: 64 and counting -
Peter: Why is it that when Neal Caffrey throws a party 64 models show up?
Neal: No wait 65 - what? They were twins!
| permalink
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White Collar Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Neal: There's nothing wrong with enjoying the good things in life Peter.
Peter: (looking around at the FBI confiscation room) But, then why does all the stuff end up here?

Whisky perfect - and I just found scotch over here.