Californication Review: "Glass Houses"

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Karen is back in LA and she's kicking ass and taking names! 

Boy, does she have Hank's number - but, she's not too concerned with his sexual exploits - what she is concerned about is Becca. This mama bear feels threatened and the claws come out - against the Koons', who she criticizes for poor parenting, but look who's talking!

Of course, whenever a teenager is acting horrible, the parent is going to blame it on the bad influence best friend. Chelsea's parents are the cool aloof parents who aren't bothered by teenage rebellion - Karen is high strung when she hears the girls break into a wine stash to get drunk and find Chelsea's parents drinking as well. The Koons' are all too cool about everything - remember how Felicia responded to hearing about the girls' smoking Hank's pot? No big deal! Well, for Karen, everything is a big deal, especially when her little girl is so far away from her.

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Now, I know that most teenagers are horrendous and irritating, but it's so much worse with Becca since she's like half robot or something! Initiating anger emotion sequence! It's so bizarre! She even whines in a monotone - if that's even possible...

Who knew that machines could develop attachments? It's funny that Becca doesn't want to leave LA because Chelsea is her only friend who accepts her for who she is. First of all, it's weird that Becca would be friends with the "weird kid" who doesn't have any other friends - Becca is archetype for popular: blonde, pretty and rich. Second, duh! No one is going to accept you for who you are in Los Angeles! Has she ever been to NYC? She'll have so many more friends there! Teenagers can be so stupid. Get her packing, Karen!

Check out the complete details of tonight's episode, "Glass Houses," in our recap and let us know what you thought of the show!

Among our favorite Californication quotes from the hour:

Hank: To our beautiful family, our black President, and my magnificent dong. | permalink
Hank: You look like America's next top smurf. | permalink
Rick Springfield: I made a girl come seven times once.
Marcy: Over the course of an entire relationship? | permalink
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Californication Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Becca: Do you know what it's like to have no one and nothing, how totally awful that feels?
Hank: Yes, I think I do. Once upon a time I felt like that, but now I have you.
Becca: Yet somehow I still have nothing.

Karen: I like you like this.
Hank: What, all defeated and shit?
Karen: Yes!